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Hi! my name is frankie and this is my site While I pretty much never get past editing my homepage, I mainly made this site as a reason to get back into web design and show my appreciation for the aesthetics associated with 90s and 2000s internet, as well as have a personalized place to share my interests and hobbies. I originally got into coding while taking a semester of web design in my sophomore year in high school, and it was through that experience that I had found a deep love for the time when the web was not completely coporatized. While i am only one person I like to think my dedication to the upkeep of my site and interaction among the sites and people of neocities is in a way contributing to the indie web community.

Hopefully i will start adding more frequent entries to the blog as soon as I find the free time as I am a full-time college student. I do not think i will ever be truly "done" adding things on here so it really is just a constant work in progress. But yeah, ultimately, I find this space to be very comforting and a great escape from daily life and the overconnected landscape of modern-day social media. I would love to make new friends so u can always feel free to contact me! Overall, I hope u enjoy my little corner of the internet ♥.

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