Name: Frankie

Age: 9teen

Pronouns: she / they

Nationality: American :/

Astrological Sign: Pisces

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Hi im Frankie and I welcome you to my blog ! Im a very introverted 19 year old from the United States who loves sharing thoughts about things I love. I mainly created this because a lot of other social media sites weren't feeling very fulfilling to me, and I wanted the customizability of a tumblr blog without all of their newer features. This is also an opportunity for me to create a space reminiscent of the internet I grew up using in the mid to late 2000s and overall i have been having a great time doing so :)

I am currently a full-time college student and so I am oftentimes unable to edit my site or respond to people as fast as I would like, but I really enjoy being on here!

my interests
Some of my interests

dvd player decome Movies: I am a big fan of old movies ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s, and i am also a big fan of exploitation film and horror and am always looking for new recommendations so feel free to send any my way!

magical girl wand decome Anime: I love watching mahou shoujo anime, 90s ovas, and pretty much anything that is yuri related. Specifically am a HUGE fan of Revolutionary Girl Utena and Oniisama E.

crt tv decome TV: Im a huge adult swim fan and i love animated programming in general. lately ive been having a big nostalgia kick so mainly i have been watching total drama action and H2O: just add water I don't watch much live action television except for buffy the vampire slayer and twin peaks.
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book decome Books: My taste in books is kinda hard to pinpoint and i have not had time or motivation to read much lately but my absolute favorites are when marnie was there and the price of salt. DEPRESSED LESBIANS RISE

stick figure headbanging to music decome Music: As for music Im pretty much open to anything! I love 80s goth and post punk, idm, jazz, punk, and at the moment my particular favorite has been 90s emo stuff. I DO NOT PLAY when it comes to Jeff Buckley and as for bands my favorites at the moment are sunny day real estate and the get up kids. Also im a huge fan of loona and am a pre-debut orbit so i have truly gone through the wringer the last couple of years (and i support artms, loossemble, chuu, and yves equally !!!) i do not tolerate any solo stans
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game boy sp decome Video Games:
I am a huge nintendo fan and in particular have a special interest for the snes era as well as fifth gen consoles. I will occasionally play newer stuff i have a strong love for early 3d gaming and the liminal nature of it all. also have to shoutout the mother franchise as earthbound was my gateway into gaming and its always a pleasure talking to other hardcore mother fans (all 5 of you who are probably on neocities atp T-T)